And So It Begins (Again…)

I’m Back!

After shutting down the site virtually a few years ago, I finally have need to get up and running again.  With the kiddos’ B’nai Mitzvahs coming up, it was the perfect time to resurrect a “long form” site.

I’ll be using this site to handle the events, have any information needed, etc.

And to your excitement or dismay, I’m sure I’ll resurrect some of my much longer rambling posts the old website had.  When I have the opportunity to drone on forever, I can’t seem to resist.

The kids have also expressed interest in being able to have a presence on the web.  I’d much rather allow them to do it on a private website where I have full editorial control versus opening them up to social media and other more public exchanges.  They’ll get to experience the vile nature of that soon enough.  They can live with the moderated exchange of ideas for a while still.

Your Thoughts?

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